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The Future of Agriculture

Get to Know Us

Grow Space Vertical Farms is our vertical farming startup committed to sustainable food production and community impact. Our innovative approach utilizes hydroponic and aeroponic systems to grow hyper local, nutrient-dense produce year-round, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. We are committed to promoting healthy, sustainable food systems and building a strong and resilient food system for all. Our core values include sustainability, innovation, community impact, quality, and accessibility, and we strive to embody these values in everything we do. By providing convenient delivery and pickup services, partnering with local businesses and organizations, and engaging with the community through workshops and events, we are working to create a model for sustainable food production that can be replicated in other communities. 

Our Vision

At Grow Space Vertical Farms, our vision is to revolutionize the way communities access fresh, nutrient-dense food by pioneering innovative and sustainable vertical farming practices. We recognize the mounting challenges of population growth, climate change, and environmental degradation facing our global food systems. Our mission is to transform underutilized buildings into cutting-edge vertical farms that produce hyper-local, eco-friendly produce, reducing the reliance on traditional food systems and minimizing our environmental impact. 

We are deeply committed to fostering a resilient and equitable food system by collaborating with local businesses and organizations, creating a model for sustainable food production that can be replicated in other communities. By prioritizing sustainability, community involvement, and advanced farming technologies like aeroponics and hydroponics, we strive to inspire positive change in the food industry and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for all. 

Grow Space Vertical Farms: Cultivating a greener, healthier tomorrow, one vertical farm at a time. 

About Us

A family team of Growers

Grow Space was founded by the Carlson family out of Kenosha Wisconsin. 


Our Mission Statement

At Grow Space Vertical Farms, our mission is to provide communities with fresh, hyper-local, and nutrient-dense produce by transforming underutilized spaces into innovative vertical farms. We are dedicated to employing sustainable farming practices, reducing environmental impact, and fostering collaborative partnerships with local businesses and organizations. Our commitment is to inspire change in the food industry and contribute to the development of resilient, equitable, and sustainable food systems for a healthier future.


We want to do our part to combat the climate crisis. While we are very thankful to our farmers, modern farming methods are very strenuous to our environment. Pesticides and fertilizers can be disastrous for the environment. Not only that, expanding space for agriculture means that many environments must be destroyed. At Grow Space, we grow our produce indoors meaning we can repurpose old buildings for grow spaces. All of this means that Grow Space is more sustainable than traditional agriculture. 


It is hard for impoverished people to get access to high quality produce especially for a reasonable price. At Grow Space we want our prices to be as low as possible so that all people have access to high quality foods. People are now paying more money for groceries than ever before even though product quality isn't increasing. It is more expensive to buy groceries now, but everyone needs to have access to healthy and nutritious foods. 


We only deliver within a four mile radius from our grow space. All produce is produced within the bounds of the city and isn't shipped from the otherwise of the country or sometimes world. To be considered locally raised, you need to be within 400 miles. Our produce is one hundred times more local than some of the other local foods that you can purchase. With long distances traveled, quality of the product typically decreases. With our produce being so local, it is simply fresher. 


We want to make sure that our entire process is as efficient as possible. We collect rainwater for our plants, and we filter it for the use of our plants. We also recirculate water. Unlike in traditional agriculture where thousands of liters of water are used daily, we recycle water. The same water can be used to water plants over many days. Not only that, we don't need to grow different crops seasonally. We can grow many different crops year round. 

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Building a Better Future

Check out our blog which goes into greater detail about our technology, growing systems, sustainability, and more!


Overall, Grow Space Vertical Farms is proud to be part of the Kenosha community, and we are working hard to promote healthy, sustainable food solutions that will benefit our neighbors and our environment. By growing fresh, healthy produce using innovative, sustainable farming methods, and by educating the community about the benefits of sustainable food production, we are working to create a more sustainable, healthier future for our city.

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