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  • Why can't I get it delivered if I don't live in Kenosha, Somers, or Pleasant Prairie
    Grow Space maintains a relatively small delivery area to increase efficiency and to keep delivery fees at a reasonable price. If you live outside of these cities you can simply pick lettuce up.
  • Can I Pick Up My Order in Person?
    Yes you can pick up products in person.
  • Why Subscriptions?
    Our subscription model is at the heart of our mission to provide fresh, hyper-local, sustainable produce while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Subscriptions provide many key benefits to our mission. Predictable Demand, Maximized Efficiency: With subscriptions, we can forecast demand, ensuring that every plant we grow has a customer. This eliminates waste and enables us to optimize our resources, from water to energy. Consistent Quality and Supply: By having a subscription system, crops can be harvested day of or the day before for the highest possible freshness. Unlike traditional crops which takes weeks between when they are harvested and delivered. Without a subscription system, your lettuce could be much older than a day old once you get it. Reducing Waste, Protecting the Environment: By matching our crop production to consumer demand, we drastically reduce waste, making our farming practice more environmentally friendly. Flexibility: While flexibility is a loosed benefit with subscription system, it is a worthy sacrifice for the benefits of significantly increased freshness, and sustainability.
  • What is Grow Space Vertical Farms
    Grow Space Vertical Farms is a new company located in Kenosha Wisconsin with the vision of sustainability, local production, and fresh produce. We will grow Lettuce and Microgreens vertically allowing for increased production, higher space efficiency, higher quality produce, and a greener process. Product is sold via subscription so we only produce as much lettuce as we have to reduce and waste and maximize efficiency. We deliver ourselves in our eco delivery vehicles.
  • What are Microgreens?
    Microgreens are young plants that are harvested significantly earlier than their adult varieties. Essentially, they are baby plants. By harvesting the crop early, it maintains a very high level of nutrients and flavor while being easier to grow and produce. Microgreens make a great topping or garnish to add more nutrients to any meal that you eat.
  • What crops will you grow?
    Grow Space will grow a variety of crops including Lettuce, Herbs, and Microgreens.
  • Is it Organic?
    Grow Space lettuce is not Organic by definition, but is significantly better for the environment and just as good for you. Read more in our blog which goes into significantly more detail
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